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Why codes like "hi sololearn" have the largest number of likes (upvotes)?

sololearn hello hi best like world upvote vote likes most
Sławek J.

4/14/2019 10:32:24 AM

Best Programming & scripting language for Hacking?????

javascript scripting-languages c++ java python3 hacking
Black Hat Hacker

4/20/2019 6:36:45 AM

Which programming language is best to learn after java

swift c# python java objective-c c cpp r kotlin
Kudakwashe Mbata

4/22/2019 9:27:05 PM

The best language out there? [DEBATE]

html python scripting-languages c++ java code beginner help best
I'm A Squirrel

4/22/2019 10:44:58 AM

Best text editor

java text eclipse editor what
Jo Keer

4/14/2019 2:08:31 PM