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Best type of database for my program

I have a project to build a clinic management system How could i know what type of database should i implement to improve my application sql or nosql??

13th May 2021, 10:17 PM
Michel Ghaith
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If you're making a mobile application and want to store information locally in the mobile device, use SQLite. There isn't much choice for persistent storage within a mobile device. It is a struggle to get a MySQL server running in Android let alone making an app that depends on it. The same can be said for MongoDb. For a database hosted remotely that your website or mobile app talks with, the options are wide open. I worked on software that helped manage encounters/appointments for patients and coordinated with doctors. It almost completely depended on MySQL. The remaining was stored in MongoDb. MySQL or any other SQL database is strong at expressing and enforcing data integrity. MongoDb is strong at JSON-formatted data. We found the advantages of MySQL outweighed MongoDb for most data. For your project, I recommend whichever is most familiar to you between MongoDb and an SQL database server. There are many NoSQL tools but I don't recommend others that I have not used. If it is a medical clinic, note that there are HIPAA guidelines in the United States and similar in other countries that you should follow if your database saves any medical information about patients. Extra liability and laws may apply to how you encrypt and protect identifiable patient information.
13th May 2021, 11:46 PM
Josh Greig
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