Introduction to Python


Introduction to Python

It’s popular. It’s powerful. It’s Python! Python is easy to learn and is used in a huge range of fields, including software and web development, data science, machine learning, and more. If you’re just starting out on your coding journey this course is a great choice; you’ll be writing useful code in no time!

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What you’ll learn

Foundational concepts
Master foundational concepts of coding with Python. These are the building blocks for everything else
Understand how to work with strings to store text data and handle special characters
User inputs
Make your programs interactive by taking and working with user inputs
Use variables to help your program store data
"If" and "Else" statements
Start shaping the flow and purpose of your program with "if" and "else" conditional statements
Create and operate with lists to store multiple items into a single variable. This means you can handle more types of data
Keep your code efficient and manageable using built-in functions and your own custom functions


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