Google Developer Course with Angular


Google Developer Course with Angular

Google has asked us to train Angular developers, so we've teamed up and co-developed this free course to get you qualified in Google's code of choice!

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Google wants to hire you!

Ever thought it might be cool to work at Google? Well, now you can!

Google is always on the lookout for Angular developers, and you can be one of them. Our courses are 100% beginner-friendly. No coding experience needed.

Train for a job at Google and its partner companies with our 5-minute lessons that fit perfectly into your every lifestyle. Learn as fast as you like, from your phone, wherever you are.

Why Google developed Angular

Google's Angular Team designed and developed Angular as a free, highly versatile and open-source framework. Today the ever-growing Angular community includes thousands of successful companies, from Forbes to Upwork, HBO to LEGO to Rockstar Games.

Less code to write
Scalable and reusable
Easier to maintain
Ideal for small dev teams

Why Google chose Sololearn

For years Google and Sololearn have led innovation in their respective fields of tech and education, and we share a common commitment: to keep the internet free and accessible for all.

10 years at the cutting edge of edtech
Fun, hands-on exercises
4.8 stars on the App Store
Google Play Editors' Choice
Facebook's FbStart App Of The Year
Free and accessible, forever

What you'll learn

This course will enable you to understand and use the Angular framework, create scalable and dynamic web applications using Angular and TypeScript, employ components for organized and structured code, implement user interaction features, design forms with validation, master Angular routing, and so much more.

The Angular framework
Angular components
Single-page applications (SPAs)
Angular CLI (command-line interface)
Data binding techniques
Forms in Angular
Routing and navigation
Event binding and handling

Course content

We've designed the Angular course for coders of all levels. If you're new to coding, take the full Angular learning path, which also brings you up to speed in all the necessary supporting skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript. If you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, skip straight to Angular to start learning new Angular concepts and strengthening your existing Angular skills.


If you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can start here!