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Can we embed other people's music and videos in our code. Is it prohibited by the rules? Can we get banned for it?

9/27/2017 11:28:08 AM

Igor Makarsky

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by embed if you mean YouTube videos in a iframe than no. if from some other source, than have a check at the terms of use of that content on it's website. ideally you should not be banned. but if the copyright holder mails Solo about the content which they hold the rights than Sololearn can take the appropriate action like 1st the code will be private 2nd you may be temporarily blocked 3rd if they determine it necessary then permanent account suspention.


good question 🤗


With permission from the owner, and proper notation that the content is not yours, should be fine. Permissions are extremely easy to obtain especially if you aren't using the content to make a profit. Just mail the owner, explain what you are doing and tell them if it's for profit.


yes, you can. but, give a copyright credit for their music or videos.


I think not, cause no rules in SoloLearn's Policy for that see


Just add "I dont own this music" and you are good to go. but since you are using it in code and non profitable purpose,I dont see any issue.


If your just using it for testing maybe copyright or royalty​ free content might be ok


It could even depend on countries/states: where you live, where servers situated, where you travel :-) :-/ And of course it depends on the licensing of that used content (Copyright, Creative Commons, Public domain, GPL, MIT, BSD... not sure if last three applicable for music/video/art, 'cause they were created for software first)


there are sites that are okay for non commercial use of their music, as long as you make note of who wrote it and where it came from. find one of those. some of the music is decent.