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Any body explain primary key function

24th Feb 2016, 2:41 PM
Mithun Miths
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10 Answers
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Primary key is used to maintain uniqueness of the data item.....
25th Feb 2016, 7:09 PM
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it is a Combination of unique and not null constraints ,a table has only one primary key which will create the auto index for the primary key selection
29th Feb 2016, 8:22 AM
Sathishkumar M
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Primary key is used to assure the uniqueness of a record
19th Apr 2016, 6:59 AM
Venkata Bodapati
Hello there,Primary key is basically a field which cannot be same and its unique. For example a students table will have id,name,roll_no fields and so the id field can be primary key .It can be used to perform operations using php for e.g "DELETE FROM 'students' WHERE id=" . $_GET['id'] ;
6th Mar 2016, 12:46 PM
Shubham Thakur
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a must have in a database, without a primary key, it will be a real mess to retrieve information from your database.
12th Mar 2016, 5:31 PM
Menachem Beshari
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primary key simply means unique
28th Jun 2016, 1:37 PM
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it's a constraint in which a table must have it it doesn't allows nulls and it is unique with this key we can easily retrieve the data from table
3rd Sep 2016, 12:43 PM
Dileep Vadlamudi
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It is unique key to access the data
3rd Oct 2016, 10:33 AM
Pavankumar V
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i think your wrong
18th May 2017, 6:01 PM
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primary key =unique + null
25th Feb 2016, 4:31 PM
Kiran Bhirde
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