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What are the best set of languages to learn complete Web development?

8th Apr 2017, 4:08 PM
Vishnu ks
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3 Answers
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Adding some useful Javascript frameworks: p5.js Box2d.js less.js Matter.js triple.js
8th Apr 2017, 11:19 PM
Gami - avatar
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html, css(bootstrap), javascript,(jquery, AngularJS, node.js) php, SQL... Also CEO/Marketing and W3C validation. I think someone with these skills, can already be considered a complete Web Developer
8th Apr 2017, 4:14 PM
Welliton Malta
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There are many languages to learn, to become a full stack web developer. In simple road map : For frontend development :- -HTML -CSS -JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY For backend development:- -PHP with at least one framework(Codeigniter, laravel, cakePhp etc) -Ajax with php -MySql for php --------------------------- You can go further in different technologies, like. -MEAN stack (MonoDB Express.js Angular. js Node. js) -React.js -ASP.NET -Meteor.js
8th Apr 2017, 9:14 PM
Shan Asif
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