How could you add Internet explorer support in HTML?


16th Mar 2022, 7:36 PM
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4 Answers
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Use this website https://caniuse.com/ and search each element you would like to use, scroll down and it'll show you which browser supports that specific element.
16th Mar 2022, 7:48 PM
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md0 There are adaptations in meta tags for Internet Explorer that you place in between the head opening and closing tag as well as in css there are modifications for Internet Explorer .. There is also certain JavaScript modifications that can be applied. You will have to do a bit of research via Googling for specific details .. You will have to do a little research
17th Mar 2022, 8:26 AM
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What do you mean?
16th Mar 2022, 7:38 PM
Toni Isotalo
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By not using things that are not supported by IE? But, why?
16th Mar 2022, 7:43 PM
Simon Sauter
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