How to start - What to study ?

so hei guys ! i see many of you are pretty active here and i hope i can make this kind of questions in here, if not .. sorry, SoloLearn Team:( i actually live in Germany and i started twice the career of Informatics Engineering, but due to some personal problems + the language ( im not a native German ! ) i can not follow the classes even though i love what we do and the subjects we have, specially maths and programming so ! i wanna start to study in Spain, it is my native country, it will be easier for me and i can have a break from Germany and after two years i can think if i wanna go back to Germany or stay in Spain ! the problem, i can not start an university career in Spain, but an superior degree ( i think its called like that ) but im not sure yet what should i choose, my options are web apps developer or multi platform apps developer ( im sure i translated it wrong im sorry ), so, what would you recommend ? and, what languages should i start having a look during the summer ? thanks a lot in advance !

7th Jun 2021, 7:51 PM
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2 Answers
Web application development or Multi platform application development?? Well, I'm no one to choose what you should do. Do more research on Google (or any search engine), choose one for you, you know your self better. For web application development Javascript and Python are best (my opinion) For multi platform application development React Native
11th Jun 2021, 6:32 AM
Scarlet Witch
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