[closed] I need mods or with good knowledge of the app

I think i found a bug or issue, i can use os module to install modules

6th Apr 2021, 7:37 AM
Ireneo language
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3 Answers
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If it is a bug, then best to notify Sololearn. If it is something of interest, then there are heaps of knowledgeable people on the app who can assist, just post the details of your query
6th Apr 2021, 9:08 AM
Rik Wittkopp
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Hello there! The best solution if you find a bug is to report it directly to the SoloLearn developers team per mail: [email protected] Don't forget to describe accurately the bug and if possible send them a screenshot. :)
6th Apr 2021, 12:08 PM
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Ok thanks
6th Apr 2021, 3:04 PM
Ireneo language
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