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Django or Laravel?

I have read so many articles concerning these two libraries, so much has been said about laravel and django, so many comparisons between the two libraries. Each has support and clear and precise arguable good reasons to support each library, based on performance, routing, security and more. What are your thoughts, on which library should a person delve into?

4th Jul 2020, 5:38 AM
Alfred Juma
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Django is a high-level Python web framework which is really in trend nowadays so I will surely suggest you Django. . One of the developing languages in this programming world. For more information : https://djangostars.com/blog/why-we-use-django-framework/
4th Jul 2020, 6:35 AM
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Well, according to me, my own views are django, totally django.... any beginner trying to go to backend, i would definitely suggest django. The library has advanced so much, it has a high star rating on github, and also a huge supporting community. Python itself has a much more minified syntax making it easy to read and understand, it is not that easily prone to errors due to its strict mode, and also the security feature of django is quite good, about performance though, i kind of feel laravel has it, but still, django is my pick. PHP is a vast language that takes alot of time and brains to learn, its quite sophisticated according to me, though i use it offenly 😂, but after my little tour into django, My thoughts shifted. So django is my pick
4th Jul 2020, 5:44 AM
Alfred Juma
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Django or AWS
4th Jul 2020, 6:20 AM
Giga Chad
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Kamlesh Sawale django for me
4th Jul 2020, 6:21 AM
Alfred Juma
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