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What editor do you use for python?

In the course I am taking use sublime text, but I started using Pycharm and I see it is very good I am new to programming and I will learn using python3

14th Aug 2019, 6:01 AM
Pablo Hernández
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I prefer PyCharm first, then VS Code second. I haven't used IDLE, so I'll defer to other people's opinions on that one.
14th Aug 2019, 7:01 AM
David Carroll
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I usually use Pycharm, Visual Studio and IDLE. But sometime notepad++
15th Aug 2019, 2:24 PM
Aung Thiha
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VS code and Pycharm, but if I just wanna practice some stuff then I don't use any of them, I use command prompt for that purpose (not an IDE)
14th Aug 2019, 7:26 AM
RZK 022
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I prefer IDLE.
14th Aug 2019, 6:48 AM
Seb TheS
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For best Editor , I prefer Anaconda Navigator
15th Aug 2019, 8:00 AM
Prince PS[Not_Active]
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Wing Python IDE was designed from the ground up for Python, to bring you a more productive development experience. Pycharm is also easy to use.
14th Aug 2019, 10:52 PM
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
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Anaconda and her Spider
14th Aug 2019, 10:09 AM
Roman Fedorov
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Visual studio code is what i prefer personally
14th Aug 2019, 1:47 PM
Joshua Sledden
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14th Aug 2019, 8:21 PM
Bart van den Donk
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Spyder and notepad++ occasionally
14th Aug 2019, 11:21 AM
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I use atom on Windows (you'll have to do some setup tho) and the conda environment to keep my python installations clean. On macOS I do prefer Vi and when you get into it you can be very fast.
14th Aug 2019, 9:14 PM
LoneWolf - avatar
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15th Aug 2019, 8:07 PM
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Atom (multiplatform and open source) with Python plugins.
14th Aug 2019, 8:51 AM
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15th Aug 2019, 6:22 AM
sajanpreet singh
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For some of the most intellectually inclined people, Y'all like posting the same thing already said instead of up-voting your preference. Also, Typically it is user preference with what Dev Environment you choose to use so try the top 2 results when you google it and if you like the second more than the first... Use the first one
15th Aug 2019, 5:41 PM
Evan Martine
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I use Notepad++ for Python and most other things. However if I’m working with gigantic text files (a few GB in some cases) from memory dumps for forensic analysis (generated by pmdump.exe), I’ve found that VIM is one of the very few editors that can do the job. 🇺🇸
17th Aug 2019, 4:37 PM
Rob 🇺🇸
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15th Aug 2019, 2:24 AM
Paolo De Nictolis
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VS Code with Skrillex music playing in the background.
15th Aug 2019, 6:51 AM
Jacob Riggs
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For text Editor I prefer VScode is best but for Ide I prefer Pycharm is best.
15th Aug 2019, 7:57 AM
Sadman Islam Zarif
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I prefer IDL
15th Aug 2019, 8:15 AM
Ibrahima sinare
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