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New "weapon"?🤔

Do we deserve to program on Fortran here? What do you think? As for me I will be delighted with this opportunity🙏

1/8/2018 4:46:37 PM

\__(° = °)__/

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hmm... Python + c = Cython 😂😂😂 challenge create a native c package


I like to have a Cobol weapon ⚔😊


Prolog 🐈


Still so many languages this app would have to introduce but Rome wasn't built in a day so I'll just be patient


plus Pascal weapon 🤗


Fortran, Pascal, Basic, and Perl!


I'd like to see courses in Haskell, Fortran and Julia.


@Jay I actually have an unfinished Haskell book on my hard drive. But thank you for the kind offer. :)


We need F# and Perl


I think, we must increase our weapon


CMS & perl


I would like to have a plain course in plain C next to C++, and one in SQLite.




Fortran and COBOL would be cool, and heck throw in basic for old time sake, I could relive my high school days 😎


Fortran is jurassic (like me). LOL! The other two I'm not familiar with.


sir I am learn XHTML


I think need Amazon AWS and Google Cloud 'weapon'


Chloe, I found books on Haskell and Julia in PDF form if you're interested.


Sir XHTML please OK