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Community project? 💻📱

What do you think of a Sololearn community project? ⌨🖱 A project where the Sololearn community work on a huge project(App, Website, Server, Game, ...)!📲📈 🐧🛡

1/4/2018 11:10:45 AM


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Send your great idea 🌞 to [email protected] ✉📨📩 😁🤗☺


You are wellcome @ $unti ! 🐧🐣🐥


thats a great idea.. I want to join if its happened.. 😅


great idea @sunti i also have an idea about an app as we see our most of time is spent on fb or other social networking site , and on games we want to limit our time to these , but we can't so an app takes permission to take control of our activities on Android where we can set time limit to each app like 20minutes /day to fb same for Instagram 8hr/day to sololearn 😉 and is so strict as we reach limit then we gonna use it tomorrow no other option left what to say do i need to patent this idea for this app idea??😂😂😂


we can also create a rom which has this app inbuilt.Then this will be a community project.


sound very interesting


Idea is great but to acheive this we need to place our app in the root of Android System because it is difficult to force other apps to be not get opened. I will work on this challenging but interesting.


It would be nice if someone of sololearn developers could see this post!


Sounds fun and might work. You just need to share this with the sololearn developers so they can make a project everyone can work on.


I think this is a great idea!


@$unti that's good idea! though I don't know how far I could contribute on it (if it becomes real), I guess it would be fun, plus the knowledge transferred from the code masters here, it would be priceless! @Aar shi, @Mohd Zaki, smart ideas! #thumbsup


@Aar shi. What if you get to (unlock) time for those apps by using Solo Learn. The more you use Solo Learn the more time you get to spend on social media or games.


I would love it. Iwould get to learn a lot from it


amazing idea!


I'll write an email to [email protected] today or tomorrow! Thanks for the post @NimWing Yuan : )


I see here are so many people, who think this is a good idea but if nonone of sololearn creators see this, it would never happen...


Step 1 Get in touch Step 2 Consider Github or find something else. Step 3 Make it happen ( without me )


It would be nice


sounds great💪🏆 but i guess it is going to be very difficult to manage the project. However, it may work😉😁


u coined nice idea.lets discuss abt it