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Can i get a web developer job without CS degree? If yes then how?

Sorry for my bad English i am still learning it. Stuck on the grammar. How to apply for web development jobs without a degree. If any company hires without degree or any websites where i can apply for such jobs. :)

12/28/2017 6:39:52 AM

Jyoti DAS

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degree is not relevant. I dont know really about web dev., but for C/C++ github is a must have. If you have a nice github account, you will not even have to apply for jobs. They will come to you...


Yes , I believe you can πŸ‘πŸ€— You need to find a company who appreciate your talents πŸ‘Œ


Yes, you can , never give up.🌻 You can do it 🌹


Intermediate knowledge of at least 3 languages (Java, Javascript and C++) and several own products (albeit apps or sites) will be a good start in my opinion. For more details:


Yes, every day is a day with new opportunities πŸ¦‹


Actually the answer is absolutely easy! You can get a job. Just find someone who hires you. fullstop. okay... take a pencil and a sheet of paper. Write down 10 reasons why someone should hire YOU. If you cant do that you have to improve yozr skills until you are able to do that task.


If you want to prove that you are good specialist, you can get some serious certificates. I think that's all what you need :)


yes you don't need any degree or specific degree to get a job as a web Developer. I have completed my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I have also worked as design engineer in Mechanical company but form last 8 months I have been working as Web Developer. All u need is to choose a specific code language and pursue ur dreams. I'm also a founder of Check out the about page and get everything about me. If need any help you can contact me. My moto is to help guys like us through FreelanceTricks.


@Amer : follow courses of Sololearn: Java or HTML to start with πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ˜Š


Try freelancing (whether paid or volunteer) a bit to grow your portfolio.. I think having some kind of portfolio of web development related project will be more relevant than cs degree.. Also try πŸ‘


can get it without a CS degree, but can't get it without CSS knowledge 😁



The question is: "If yes... Where??" xDD


create an account in freelancer or similar websites there u get job not as daily working or monthly salary based on the assignment they give you payment for your work


No, not since the Web exploded in the 90's there is simply far too much demand for skilled developers. So how then? Become a highly skilled developer and have the means to prove that you can produce what employers are looking for (portfolio site, etc). You can have a degree from the best University in the world but if you can't build the site they are asking for within a reasonable deadline (or show acceptable progress) they will fire you anyway...


Another way would be to prove such skills to a recruiter or staffing agency which may have lower standards and/or more time to evaluate you and establish your social proof through them. For example be a contractor to hire.


I know a guy who just bugged millions for a code but the guy is good been on the damn code for years you can that is possible...if you can afford get the degree too it sets you up there if you are really good at coding and have papers..Happy 2018


Lots of great answers! I'm shocked nobody mentioned FreeCodeCamp. If you go through their entire program, not only will you become a rockstar developer, but you will also gain valuable real world experience and an amazing supportive community and business network connections as well. Good luck! Edit: I see someone did mention it. Just add that to my list of mistakes ;)


You just need to be any graduate, You just need basic knowledge of web designing that's it. You can learn basics from online website or can join a 3 months class anywhere.


Based on my experience, projects and portfolios really speak in your favor.