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is <th> a <tr> ?!

is it a subtraction of that?

12/25/2017 10:52:27 PM


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@Brent I understand now why when we color the table we put the tr tag for CSS styling. Thanks.


These are table cells. <th> used for table header <tr> used for element of the row <td> used for table data cells


@Martin @Brent That actually occured to me when inputing color in the tr's style. I thought if we put color only in tr's style th's color would also be applied, then th is a tr itself!


No problem! Good luck with what you are trying to accomplish 😉


@Martin Taylor You can use only TH or only TD so TH is a TD but Bold..


Actually, a TH is a TR but bold. Therefore, TH stands for "Table Header" and TR stands for "Table Row".