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Top 5 programming language in 2018

1. Python 2. JavaScript 3. Java 4. Swift 5. C# comment what u think :)

12/21/2017 2:52:33 AM

Madhur Khatri

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Am learning Python now 🐍 And find Java interesting 😊 But what about C++? 😯 Anyway, thanks for sharing 😄


No mention of Go or Kotlin? And you're mentioning Swift? ... Your list is more of a list for 2015 1: Kotlin 2: Go 3: JavaScript (frameworks like Node.js) 4: Python (machine learning) 5: Rust


I have to disagree with number 5: I believe that C++ should be there as it is a little simpler to learn and is more used.



that's simple :)


u can say that but it all depends on ur application of that language


Here are top 5 and easy programming language in 2018. 1. JavaScript Most of people just mix up JAVA with JavaScript. However, these two languages are different. JavaScript is Client side scripting language. All browsers support JAVA Script. JavaScript is also best and easy to learn and continue their enthusiasm of programming. 2. Python Python is amazing programming language and it has great tool for data mining. Web development and mobile app development uses Python. Data analysis and scientific information use Python for data base computing. 3. JAVA JAVA is programming language for client server web applications. It is popular programming language and it has up to 9+ million developers all over the world. 4. Ruby Ruby is back-end programming language and most of popular websites are using Ruby. For example one of the most popular website airbnb, shopify and slideshow are using ruby as back-end programming. Ruby is consider easy and fun to use for developer. Therefore, most of developers consider learning Ruby at first side. 5. PHP PHP is server side programming language which used in different web and app base development. Dynamic website on back-hand use PHP. Nearly all CMS and dynamic website use PHP for simple integration and usability Read More Here :-


Here is the list of top programming languages that are of high demand 1 JavaScript 2 Java 3 Python 4 C# 5 Swift 6 C++ 7 PHP 8 Ruby Read further -