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Removing spaces and dashes front filenames

I'm running code to remove dashes and spaces from code with a specific extension (.dwg). how do I nest a statement to find files in a loop then remove dashes and spaces? please help! thank you much!

11/12/2016 3:04:04 AM

Alicia Evans-Morley

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import re filename=re.sub(r"(-| )","",filename) if you want the full solution or something I think the code given below will be OK however use try...except to handle errors import re import os # path os.chdir("storage/sdcard0/org.qpython.qpy/files/dice") files=os.listdir() for filename in files: # extension # would be better if enclosed in a try ... except block if filename[-4:] == ".dwg": # changing file name filename2=re.sub(r"(-| )","",filename) if filename != filename2: os.rename(filename,filename2) print("Fixed:", filename)


for char in text: if char == " " or char == "-": char = "" That would be my best guess. Basically, check every character, and if it is a space or hyphen, then make it nothing.


well the first answer I gave is the piece you need the second part is how to implement it in a for loop


Thank you I will try these! will they both work in a loop?