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Can I create my own bitcoin system ?

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12/11/2017 11:22:45 PM

black prince

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You can but firstly, you need to design how it will work. you need to create a method of that ansferring currency. you need to gain attentions.


probably you cant, else you would not ask ... but i can and lots of freelancers can ... also not too expensive starting from 1.5k$ if you go with trashy indian people...(without beeing racist) I am just adding a few sentences because of the two other lovely answers you got from @Pegasus and @Sean-Michael Botelho. @Pegasus last sentence, "you need to gain attentions" hits the nail on the head. I stated in my original answer, that people are doing it already for others for 1.5k$, so the market for making new ones is already flop else the price would be much higher. Conclusion pls dont!!! give it a try, just a waste of time.