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How can I use the value of the 'a' variable outside the click function? $("btn").click(function(){ var a = 0; a++; }); now i want use value of 'a' outside of function. Please help..

12/7/2017 2:06:50 AM

Amir Mehr

3 Answers

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In most programmimg languages the variable scope exists or visible within the braces {} only. Therefore if you want to access it from the scope outisde, then you can DECLARE it outside as well and ASSIGN it within the scope. 😉


Hi, u need to define ur variable where u need, and than u must define ur function like: function(int a_) { car a_=0; a_++; } And than u can use ur function: function(a); Hope it's help!


Just declare variable outside and change inside. You're done. var a $("btn").click(function(){ a=0 a++ }) _________________________ or in ES6 style let a $('btn').click( () => { a=0 a++ } //any other actions with a anywhere you want