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Will there be Lua course?

I would love to see as many Roblox players learning Lua from SoloLearn. I have problems learning it but if SoloLearn add that course, I will boost my concentration on that one to my limit.

11/7/2016 6:37:36 PM


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+1, would love to see a Lua course. I use it a ton for a game engine called Love2D, and although I think I taught myself that pretty well, I think Sololearn could do a better job than me just poking around Lua documentation xD


I would also like to see a Lua course, but I think that is unlikely as it has relatively few users. Maybe in the 2017 sololearn revamp?


Would really like to see Sololearn implement this. Noticing in more game engines that I'm using they are using LUA code for various purposes, and I don't know enough about it. I am liking learning other coding laungages here, and would greatly appreciate doing LUA in sololearning's next codes.


@Isaac Pace well we are in 2018 and still no lua...


@guy shefer not quite... but you're right. probably not.


Even though it's a simple language, it's really powerful and would be easier to learn if there was a course on it.


@isaac Pace Well we can still learn from roblox lol


I agree I would love lua to be added I use Roblox lua a lot and it would be nice to use it on mobile instead of always being on the computer maybe a course would be nice too


Add it please!!!


Having Lua on the site would be incredibly helpful in the sense of learning on the go and having a reliable place to learn it without having to go through plenty of websites. I myself would learn Lua for Roblox Studio.


It is a common modding language, 🙏 add it!


Add lua please


Please add it, there are lots of us out here eagerly looking forward to it!


Also waiting for it, Lua is one of the most powerful interpreted language that works perfect with other languages, I think it would really useful if we can learn it.


I just got a computer about a week ago and I kinda need to learn LUA to make a game with Solarus.


I WISH they had Lua. I know basics but I need more information if I ever want to get into advanced RBXSTUDIO or UNREAL or UNITY or something like that. print(“I hope there will be”)


Yes, lua would be great.


Yus sir this needs to added as I wanna teach the ways of Lua


I would love to learn lua


Ikr it needs to be added