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What are your thoughts about GO language by Google?

Maybe somebody has already an experience with it. Please share with me how is it. Want to understand if it's an actual popular language what should be learned by me or not.

11/18/2017 7:25:47 AM

Ghena Ramascan

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@Jacob, google switched almost integrally from java to go. So, it sounds as a serious argument to try it :)


@shobhit, ok, thank you!


although i never programmed in go, i read a book about it. its nice, especially if you want to make something which need to do multithreading, give it a try.


honestly.... im hearing for the first time :-).... maybe i need to freshen up my current affairs


When I looked at it it reminded me of a compiled version of python. Which is awesome because it’s readable and still very fast.


good language for server side coding;)


Well Google has another considerable "go" mention, DeepMind ,which might in future be a programmer by itself.


Please add Go playground on SoloLearn.


GO does look interesting. Being Google, the support is pretty good. Has anyone had actual experience with it?


good board))


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In some areas Rust is replacing Go already.