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Master of code?

Who are the BEST coders that learnt from SoloLearn?

11/13/2017 6:11:28 PM

Banu Darius

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I vote for David Carroll as SoloLearn MVP. :)


That would be an impossible thing to measure or determine for several reasons. First, there isn't a way to track who is best at programming simply by looking at challenge stats, number of posts, number of code submissions, or completed courses. These simply do not identify coding skills in any way. Second, for many of the experienced developers here, like myself, we didn't learn anything on SoloLearn we didn't already know. Even if we could determine the top coders here, we wouldn't be able to include those who learned elsewhere. Third, there would need to be some criteria to determine best ranking that can be consistently and accurately assessed across all languages. I don't see how that would be possible. Fourth, the metrics collected on this would require some way to qualify and quantify one's skill level and the depth of that skill. I could go on and on about reasons this wouldn't be practical to track. However, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Also, no self respecting software developer with legit experience and skills would ever call themselves a master at coding. Even the most experienced coders are never satisfied with where they are with their skills and are constantly pushing to learn more and get better. Those who believe they are "masters" at this are fooling themselves and likely don't know as much as they want others to believe.


Everyone here. ;)


@Netkos... Your response is so perfect for this thread in so many ways... Oh how I love the irony. 😉


^^ wow level 999


^^ Wow, a lot of text, yes its hard to know from the stats but just who is THE BEST at writing programs.