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Answer for JavaScript

someone please check my profile and answer some of my "comment " questions if you could spare some time! Thank you!

11/5/2017 11:48:13 AM


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Not nobody, but obviously, mainly only learners read comments section of courses (assuming you doesn't talk about comments in code playground, as you've still not have published some)... so, if you have questions, it's better to ask in Q&A section ^^


The only other question in your profile still have answers @@


Your all question are already answered pls check yourself😂😂😂


Oh, sorry i meant the comments.... nobody answers the comment section..


The if Statement Sundays in Switzerland are protected with Quiet Rules which make it illegal to pursue certain activities. Taking the day of the week as input, output to the console "Obey the rules" if it is Sunday. Sample Input Sunday Sample Output Obey the rules