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Least Favorite Programming Language 😫

Which is your least favorite programming language ? OR Which language you like the least? Stack overflow recently conducted a survey of most disliked language. Here is the linkπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/10/31/disliked-programming-languages/ Share yours!!

11/1/2017 4:29:29 PM


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Ok, so after thoroughly researching this topic I have come to this conclusion: When comparing languages one must only compare languages which are in the same problem domain, that is, trying to solve the same problem. For example comparing C and PHP would be stupid because they both solve different problems. Instead we could compare C to C++ or Python to Ruby or R to MatLab. In the same way that our bodies are comprised of different organs, in real world applications multiple languages work together to solve a problem. For example, a game would have certain parts in C++ to be optimized for graphic performance, while the loader may be created in HTML and CSS for ease and simplicity. Even a simple web app is made up of HTML, CSS, JS, SQL and a back end language. I haven't heard anyone try to compare HTML to CSS or CSS to PHP. What most people don't understand is that even "general purpose" languages have some somewhat specific purposes and should be treated that way. Conclusion: When stating a favorite/least favorite language we should also be stating the problem domain and comparing it with a similar language while noting the reasons that we dislike the language. Mine is: Ruby for high level, low performance. 1. It doesn't seem to be doing anything new 2. I find the syntax counter-intuitive 3. I find certain features useless (modules,mixins.procs,lambdas) I haven't yet learned any low level languages like C or BASIC. No assembly either. Nor math languages like R or MatLab. More important Conclusion. We should learn from our own creations, and instead of competing with each other, work together to solve a greater problem.


First on my list is PHP. One thing about PHP's documentation: it's incomplete. User-provided comments in the online documentation are frequently inaccurate. Arguably, this actually hinders one's ability to learn how to write proper PHP. Windows Batch is terrible! Maintenance for batch files is misery at it's finest. Then there's MATLAB, which is a language that 1) Every engineering student has encountered at least once (at least in the USA), and 2) every engineering student hates! Why? Well I can take a few design jabs: 1) MATLAB arrays are 1-indexed instead of 0-indexed, 2) inconsistent interpretation of matrix indexing, 3) poor object concepts, 4) strings and string operations, and I could probably live with all of that, but the biggest reason I vehemently despise this language: they didn’t even write their own math engine!


1. for me java is the best one. 2. c - great powerful language 3. python - more easier, more modern language


python it is, for me. why python? it's significant whitespace feature is a major turnoff.


@Paul while I am not a huge fan of Swift, I think the language itself isn't where the flaws are. Blame the IDE and compiler!


thanks all !!


Nice Question Seetha!!! But I Would Like You To Say That All The Programming Languages Are Useful For Us. All Has Its Own Importance In It's Own Place.Nothing Is Bad.😴




I Didn't Now What I Like Least.😴😏😏😴 But I Like HTML, C++, C#.


@luka for python I agree


Javascript for me, and php after 😊


I want to know better java bcs I think I could do a lot of thing with it, but... I don't understand this type of langage


I don't like languages such as C and C++. You constantly need ,{},/n, more {}, #include something, at least one function such as " main" and so on...It is way easier to write one or two lines of code. That's why I like Python. I don't mind its indentations. I had no experience in programming two years ago and Python was my first language. I prefer simple things such as: a=5 b=6 print(a+b) Now if you don't agree with me, please write the same piece of code in java, c++, c...


I like java the best because , I am learning Android development😁😁 least - Pascal πŸ˜‘πŸ˜£


java 😭😭😭😭 i am trying to learn but couldn't get up to the marks πŸ’”


@Aditya Qualifier: HTML isn't a programming language 😏


@luka python is not slow at all. you're misinformed UPDATE: Yes it is I was misinformed: http://benchmarksgame.alioth.debian.org/u64q/python.html


@Deepak so is any other high level language. Luka was discussing vba php and Python. python is definitely not slower. if it really is a concern I can post some bench marks but according to my memory it is actually the fastest high level one, but definitely not the slowest πŸ˜… UPDATE: It actually is one of the slowest: http://benchmarksgame.alioth.debian.org/u64q/python.html


php still make favorite to me πŸ˜…


Good question Seetha, for me it is PHP and swift, because I have no use for it. And I would like to have r, kotlin and golang. They are "not disliked" according to Stack overflow.