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Challenge: sorting

Lately I have had a sort of obsession with sorting algorithms, I think they are very clever. And there are so many types, so I wanted to introduce a challenge for anyone that wants to take it: code a sorting algorithm in any language you want, also you can decide wether to let the user input the numbers to be sorted or not, you can use any sorting algorithm or even create your own if that's what you want. But: if your language of choosing has a sort command, that's absolutely banned.

10/28/2017 1:42:23 PM


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sorting in c++



Taken from lesson factory


Here is a powerful one - robust algorithm and easy to port on quantum computers. And a oneliner too. I think i win the challenge...


Also I will leave my merge sort in case you guys want to take a look


Using Java... Let me know in the comments if it throws any unexpected error...


Here's my take: