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Interpretation of mail content

Hi everyone, i would like to create a tool which interprets incoming mails to transform them in another language. for example incoming mail: "37472020" outgoing mail: "its going to rain tomorrow" does anybody have an idea?

10/5/2017 1:56:00 PM


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What are you using to obtain your mail? If you use Outlook, you can use VBA to do all sorts of things between all of the office products. I've automated a lot of email related stuff, as well as reports, by doing the same thing.


@Matti Bless No problem bro. I specialize in business intelligence and automation at the company I work with, so if you run into any problems with it, hit me up and I'll show you some neat tricks to accomplish your goal. Best of luck to ya!


hi netkos, thank you for the good idea. I'll try to find a solution with VBA.