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Which programming language you like most and why?

9/27/2017 8:20:29 AM


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Python. Easy to learn, easy to use, powerful (why 5 dislikes?)


C++ because I know only this and it is taught in school also. It is interesting to learn this programming language :)


Java ^-^


C++ cause it is the most entertaining language for me !!


c++ , after graduation I found a job and I started to work with c++. it became habit working with CPP :)


Javascript coz It gives us an amazing opportunity to build interactive pages(and when it comes to web, you kinda have no choice 🤔🤔🤔)


Good old C, since its syntax is similar to Python and Java, making it an easy language to pick up.


Java :-)


c++ and python because that's all programming language I know..😂😂


java is best way to code


Java. Easy to code.


C# or Java. Both are easy, powerful languages that doesn't use a horrid syntax system like Python. lol


JavaScript hands down. even though they say its flawed, its still my favorite 1st language to learn


for now it is C++, because that's the language that i know best. but i am also interested in python and java.


@Ibrahim Sorry, I'm just seeing this. Honestly, I put C# and Java on the same level in terms of difficulty, but I've been programming for awhile, so learning a new language usually isn't something of difficulty, simply learning new syntax. Consider what you'll want to do with programming, and make your decision based upon that. If what you want to focus on is better suited to Java, or better supported, then go with that. If C# is the right choice, then go with that. Or when in doubt, learn both of them and f*** the debate. :)


C++ because you have to type less and it's easier than java for me.


@Constantin Buruiana , that's a unique answer.


C Unanimously the easiest one


I started with Python because it was easy for beginners, as stated by @$Vengat I then moved to C++ because a youtuber said it was good for making games... Yea.. I was dumb haha Now I spend time on Javascript simply because I like that it attaches to HTML and CSS giving you so much more possibility. Oh yea, HTML and CSS!


I prefer Java : the most powerful programming language :) JAVA WORA WINS!!!!!!! lol