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I really want to start making games, but i dont know how to create objects and what coding language to use, how to make size, texture, and optionally how to make move Edit: I figured it out: 1. Use div objects and access them with a variable (document.getelementbyid(I’d)), and then do: variable.cssyouwannachange=whatitshouldbe 2. Access a canvas using the Id variable method, then do: var myvariablecanvasvariable.getContext(“2d”) Then do ctx.moveto(x, y) or ctx.fillrect(x, y, w, h)

9/25/2017 8:07:26 PM


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what do u mean by creating objects?


I mean that I want to make objects and make its size and color and texture and everything


well I wonder the same... just Google it! (actually I should do that) edit: or you can use a canvas! a canvas can render pictures and you can change it's position easily you can look at an online course to acomplish that!