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Any body made any cross-platform apps?

I'm wondering if anyone has released any cross-platform applications or games for Mobile and I want to know whether you created the app for one platform and sort of used a conversion method for the other or did you create the app for each platform separately? Also which language is best for cross platform?

9/22/2017 7:39:21 PM


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I have not created an app but am a co-owner of one. We had it developed separately for Android and iOS, purposedly skipping WindowsMobile because of its wee market share. For Android we have it in Java, for iOS in Objective-C. Backend database is of course common, only the front-end engines are separate. I hear that Xamarin might be a thing for you, as people I know are pretty much satisfied with its x-platform ability.


Xamarin is a great option for C# developers. Although the different platforms can be written in the same language, a separate app will need to be written and maintained for each platform due to their different frameworks and libraries. React Native is another option which transpiles from JavaScript to native output from a single codebase. Depending on your app, Unity is another option for game development using C# with a single codebase that transpiles to native. However, this won't make much sense for an app requiring a native navigation experience or native screens.


I believe any games written in HTML5 is already cross platform right? so you would only need to write it once..


Kuba is it possible to code an app for both ios and Android using only Java?