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Can someone teach me

I don't know what I'm doing

9/21/2017 7:01:18 AM


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No, just keep yourself focused to your vision. Down votes should not shake you off. The moment you loose your focus on the goal and objectives, you will loose a lot. Welcome. When you don't understand a language, go back and review. Welcome


Why do you down vote a beginner, look at his description and guide accordingly. Hi buddy, You are in the right place, all you have to do if to collect yourself and fold your sleeve. Now, you don't need a tutor, the reason this app "SoloLearn" was created, is to be your tutor. As a beginner, you have to try hard and learn. Just stay around, read peoples codes, follow others and try writing codes too. Otherwise everything you need to begin in contained in this app.


SoloLearn can ! It has a great tutorial to begin with ! You can access it following this link : Good luck on your way to become a great coder ;)


I am sorry for you guys :( Then learn by yourself, learn the hard way ! You'll be even more proud of you at the end !


I am sorry but I can't help you on that because I have a lot to do (studies, I am the president of my video games developing club, ...) Do you have a friend who know C++ better than you ?


Start going through the training. If you are having a hard time with something in specific, try to gather information through a google search. The courses also provide a comments section that have awesome input from others! If you are still having trouble, try asking a question that is more specific in what you're trying to understand. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on this site. Good luck!


thanks man :D! right now I'm learning to use html and I think it's going well. I actually thought the people on this app was harsh on beginners when I started getting down votes, thanks for keeping me motivated!


listen... between google(w3bschool,stack overflow and others).all the answers are here and we all ar'nt bad.heres your first tip. being that you started html,keep doing it. NEXT: CSS , THEN: JAVASCRIPT/ RUBY. i say ruby with javascript because whatever is confusing with javascript ruby will make clear...ruby is a very easily interpreted language and it was built to be...TAKE YOUR TIME its not a race and it WILL become familliar.this used to look rediculous to me and now i have fun creating objects/pages/solutions to'll look back and wonder why was this so hard,watch.any questions just ask, we should ALL be here to help thats the point of this app.people forget that they were amateurs once.


i'll help you maple...i know what its like being lost.


help plzz


duck that I need a private tutor


I don't have friends ;(