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Hi guys I just started college and really really need help understanding my programming assignments. I am new to programming and learning javascript. What is the best resource/s to understanding javascript problems/assignments step by step (and improve thinking process for general programming problems using Javascript) i understand most of the syntax but i want to have a better understanding of the whole process conceptually and how to think while problem solving. Is there a paulsOnlineMathsNotes (really simple and effective website teaching math with main concepts and problems with solutions step by step) version for javascript? Tried codeacademy, sololearn little bits of treehouse and fcc all helpful But need something that drills concepts and problem solving for assignments especially topics like arrays, loops and the sort etc and only goes to next section after 5 or more word problems with different levels(easy,medium, hard) are covered step by step (like paulsnotes does for calculus) and also teaches how to look for references online something that doesnt waste too much time on the basics alone and something that doesnt suddenly go too advanced and leave you stuck!! I really have limited time due to other classes/courses and subjects need help!! pls recommend something fitting, intuitive and relevant that can be done in 30 hours or 5 days of studying. Thanks

10/13/2016 6:11:01 PM

Johannes B.

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I would suggest you go to w3school.com they have really good quick fixes reference material as well as a pretty good teaching method for learning things. If w3school is to vague, then I suggest just putting your topic into a search engine and you are almost guaranteed to find some tech blogger covering the subject extensively and simply. Overstackflow.com is also full of people who had questions previously with experts answering them. If your question isn't there then all you have to do is pose your own and someone will answer( though they are very tough on the formatting of the question so I honestly try to avoid asking myself) They way I was taught to program efficiently is to realize the end goal, make a bulleted list of things that make up that goal, and then fit programing techniques and code to those bullets. The more you break things up, the easier it is.


Thanks domini!! i didnt mention it but i use w3schools a lot too and its helpful for syntax and practising those endless syntax. but dont know how to think like a programmer yet or use it for reference. i think its been a while that problemsolving I need to 1)improve/develop my problem solving skills with relevent steps and then 2) solving the same in javascript programming language. Was looking for something that encourages BOTH those things in structured step by step building each concept section chapter and then ties it all together not just going from syntax to more syntax. Maybe a format like pauls maths notes or khan academy but for JS programming with lots of step by step problems like a simple calculator, vowels finder, array sorter using if statements or loops, scope objects etc all together and then suggests/teaches shows how to think/ find references and how to know that the referenced item fits your question/solution. Something with step by step example excercises going from simple to medium to hard with flowcharts, hints etc. I am spending alot of time researching from stack to w3schools etc not helpful yet! im a few steps behind to be able to benefit from those sources also it is time draining!!! prefer to be practising follow a set pattern and developing thinking process with lots of problems instead. Do you know if 'head first javascript' book is the solution?