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HTML - CSS Help!

Hi I kinda really need help with an html css project. If u could help me pleeeeease say so!

9/9/2017 11:46:35 PM

Rayehe TbTb

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update: okay here's the resource if someone can help @Rayehe TbTb do help. i'm busy so can't. bye 👋


next time just ask the question like you asked this one...


Where is the code?


нow coυld ι нelp?


He just unlocked a badge "Asker" 😅😂


what you need bro


Next time directly post the question.


Last active, 2hours. Wait for him to come back


srry everyone I'm kinda new here so...! I'm not asking anyone to the it for me it's just that i need to do it based on a video and i have no idea how to do a part and so i haven't been able to star it bit i don't know how to show u guys the video or a pic of it so what should i do?


I'll try tu show u the pic as soon as i can

+2 it's the link to the video


i need to know how to do the project i mean the html css part the mentor i said is from this trello page u found and as i said he seem s too busy to help


thank u so much Lord krishna


there is some kind of a vertical menu and then there are some other things like a profile page on a website and i really don't know how to make the menu


I'm really desperate cause this project is for a learning course and a mentor is supposed to help us but he seems TOO busy to do so and i have to finish it so i really appreciate all your help