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Just made a choice on the server to use and I found node. js interesting. But the problem is this. Which database is best for node. js. Been hearing mongodb and others but am already used to MYSQL. is it possible to use MYSQL with node. js or should do I have to leave it for mongoDb???

9/4/2017 11:02:17 PM

Somto Zech

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You can use MySql with no problems. ^^


You need to write down your requirements clearly for your project's sakes. Mongo DB and MySQL are two different great tools in two different areas. One shines as a NOSQL database and the other shines as a relational database. Which one do you need for your project is best answered by it's requirements alone.


OK. So making a selection should be on the project I have at hand?. Never used mongoDb don't really know how it works


OK. Thanks maz


I'm recommending that you clearly define your project's requirements and then go looking for which tools and technologies suit best for those requirements. Learning Mongo DB should be relatively easier. So will MySQL learning be.