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I have been enjoying answering in the forum but at 6:45 Ist some peoples started down voting in heap and damaged without any reason have a look do u want me to not participate in forum then that's it I am leaving

8/25/2017 1:24:02 PM


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just spamed you, doesn't fix the problem but should help. This was most likely just one person disliking everything of yours using multiple accounts, don't take it like multiple people dislike you.


why they are hiding the name of the downvoters ?👻🕵️‍♂️ i want to see them !! 😬


i get the same problem 😣


Yes @PR, I did notice that you were heavily downvoted. I still go by the policy that you are what you speak on the internet, and people will value you based on what you have contributed, not by the amount of upvotes you have. Downvotes will not define your quality as a human being, but it defines those behind the downvotes. If this is any consolation: We know who you are and we know your answers are beneficial to the community, so don't worry about the downvotes.


see the answers I got many answers with lots of likes and what do all of them dislikes at the same time or is it somebody with duplicate accounts who hates me do this bcoz it happened suddenly and I was active all the time of my answer has 11 up votes and suddenly 5 one of my comment with 4 up votes now has -2


thank you guys


I normally don't care about jealous,salty retards downvoting me


Nothing is wrong. As I say, jealous salty retards


Yea, sometimes I cry when I get down votes. I'm sure we could go and cry together about it. :) Anyways, I don't see what you're talking about on your profile. I see two codes that have negative votes, and the others look fine. Either they didn't like it, or they were trolling you. I can't attest for that, but honestly, I don't much care if you stay or go, and I definitely don't care to hear someone whine about not only getting upvotes. Although you whining doesn't change your situation, and certainly doesn't make me want to upvote you, I agree that if someone is going to downvote you, they should at least give you advice so you can improve yourself instead of leaving you in the dark wondering what you did wrong. That's legit.


@vengat I wonder what someone get by doing this this doesn't cutoff my salary bcoz I don't get any and u can also check my recent answers to ensure that they are correct and tell me if not


thanks guys i will continue my job to help community members now without any problem


I personally wouldn't worry too much about the down votes, people downvote me often, and without a suitable explanation, I just ignore it.


@ Ipang thanks & yes i am 90% fine now


@PR I can't attest as to who or why they did it, so I'm not sure. Try not to take it personally though, and just keep pushing through. I looked through some of your code, and you're not bad, so don't let those people bring you down bro. As they say, the only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.


Dont care for downvote, man. Let the downvotes do their stupid business...


@ P R tension lene k ni dene k like spam from me


Count on me too. I have made the same effort some times ago... Check this:


@P R Never mind those down votes, probably they were just down voting to play you. How's your health progress? making improvements?