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what's your favorite IDE?And why? I started to use pycharm!

8/22/2017 7:10:44 PM


6 Answers

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Visual studio - runs many languages - has a nice feel - has cool features


in web: braquets -realtime changes -easy to use -free in oop visual studio -many lenguages -powerfull -eficient -practical -free


visual studio


Depends what I'm working with. Web stuff? I prefer Web Matrix 3 and/or Brackets. Everything else? Visual Studio is by far the best one imo. It's well supported, will continue to be supported, very nice interface, packed full of features and ability to extend upon it. It's nicely done and has been working at perfecting that for a couple decades now.


For Java IntelliJ IDEA - easy to use (if you have used eclipse) - FREE


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