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Challenges (observation)

sololearn should change its challenge strategy, once you launch a challenge, you must finish it, else you lose your challenge xps to the opponent. i discovered each time i challenged this sololearner, i either win or draw but when he challenged me, he always had 5. he was making selections in his challenges and sent only the ones he had 5 so he has a high chance of winning, this is not fair. sololearn please look in to this.

8/19/2017 2:46:53 PM

Germain F

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I am not sure if it can work out like that. Have you tried if that is possible? I mean will and ongoing challenge just expire if not completed? If yes then it is a bad practice and should be reported.


@Rahul - the amount of quizzes is too small @Hatsy - I assume the same, but never tested it


As far as I'm concerned, aborting a challenge midway through and letting it 'expire' will cause the person to lose the match instead. To be safe, please send a feedback to SL through our in-app feedback feature or directly through mail. This is not acceptable. [email protected]


@PikAchu if they release another weapon it should bot be in the same way they did with Ruby, other than that I would welcome any new weapons 😃


Yeah true we accept noobs but not those those who quit! 😡


Is he really active on sololearn? Maybe he is an inactive player!


@Nikolay what I'm saying is take for example you want to challenge me, you start the challenge but along the way you fail some then decided to abort the challenge so it wont be sent to me, then you try another and make sure you score 5 so you'll have a high chance of winning me, its really an unfair practice


i lost about 95xps to that guy before realizing what he was doing


@P⚡kAchu ⚡⚡ that's a real nice idea for challenges in SQL and CSS to be included and possibly also a database kinda thingie for sampling out your DBMS or RDBMS lessons? what say people? 😮😕


@Hasty I'll send a feedback message but its a practice to be discouraged.


@Nikolay what's wrong with the Ruby challenges? a different form?


your right.