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Am new to coding. Can someone help me

8/12/2017 12:12:11 AM

Victor Obidike

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Let me start with, if you were to elaborate on what you needed help with, you would probably have a lot more responses. But, regardless. I would suggest that you start with either HTML, if interesred in building a website or Python, if interested in programming to learn programming languages. If you decide to go with the website after the HTML you'll need to learn at least CSS after that. The you'll probably want to learn JavaScript, as it does the controlling of anything that changes on a website. Like if audio starts to play as soon as you get on the page. Or maybe a video starts to play when you get on the page. Or you push a button and a menu pops out, all these things are controlled by JavaScript. All that is pretty easy to understand until you get to the JavaScript, it starts to get a little more difficult then. If it's not the web you're interested in then Python is definitely the easiest language to understand for the beginner. With Python you can learn Concepts that you will find in nearly all the programming languages that are on this site, or anywhere else for that matter. Or you can just pick any one of the languages that are offered here at sololearn and start the course!


of course! what are you looking at doing? is it web development or app development?