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Tell me please if updates of SoloLearn courses change or adds any information in lessons, tests? Every time I see a course had changed I discover for something new in it and every time fail but still hope for new information. P.S. Sory for my English

7/31/2017 1:29:30 PM


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@Shalopay I have seen once some changes in Javascript course... and it was a bad surprise for that exact time! ☺ 'cause I wanted to print my certificate and... I hadn't one while I have finished JS course much earlier so I had to fulfill new questions in course to get it again ☺ (with new date if I'm not mistaken). And there are some new "chapters" in HTML-course with some practice ("writing/making a blog" as I have seen it in passing ☺) But it hasn't influenced my certificate ☺. So answer is "yes, sometimes". Такие дела.


it may be tiny corrections such as deleting superfluous spaces or syntax errors and that's why you don't see them☺ Improvements or extra data reveal rarely in courses Но это не точно😀


hmm... you know if SoloLearn updating the app moderator will get first notification of the update and then moderator will make a post that SoloLearn had versions 1..... 😎 so don't wory 😌


@artemis you said if SoloLearn update, moderator will get first notification and make a post. I'm not moderator and I get first notification of SoloLearn v1.4.2 update and make a post of this update.


русский русского всегда поймет, хоть на санскрите! 😃




Thanks for paying attention but my question was not about updates of the Sololearn app but about updates of courses in it. Unfortunately I didn't find the way to attache screen shot that could help to understand what I might.


@4rontender )))))) Это точно! Как в том анекдоте "... ты не выделывайся - рукой покажи!"


It's nice guys that you joined to tge conversation but it is not exactly the point that I asked to But what you are talking about is interesting to me too. Keep going! )))


Btw, to "attach" a screenshot you can upload it to any web image-hosting and post a link to your post/message/comment.It won't be seen as a picture in Q/A but anyone interested would be able to click/tap (on) it and see it.


@4rontender, @Andrew Kharchenko Thank you pals! That's exactly what I wanted to find out! About "attach" - I just didn't want to place here any external link because it often makes upset other people that they need to go somewhere out of the app Andrey, are the SoloLearn certificates significant in the real world? Вот теперь понятно, вот теперь заживем! )))


@Shalopay No, Sololearn certificates still are not enough significant IRL, but if you are a beginner (and there is a chance to enter somewhere as an intern, not even junior) and have nothing else to "show"... :-( Why not... Почему бы и не продемонстрировать. Another one issue (if you've got some/many of SL certificates ☺) is how (or what) do interviewers think about... err... "multiskills". Some of them consider that it is bad (that you were not focused on one main task)! :-( We discussed it here in some of the threads, ie. try to find threads with "Jack of all trades" (or "Master of one or jack of all trades"). I've met both types of interviewers, while have had only 6 or 7 interviews. :-)


@Andrew Kharchenko, thank you for the threads!