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Sololearn xp calculation

how does xp calculated in challenge? for some weapon it give more for some it gives less. does any one know how it is calculated?

7/11/2017 7:43:45 PM


4 Answers

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Base is 32xp, altered by a difference between your xp in a given language and that of your opponent's. Plus a newbie bonus (effectively for xp under 1024) and another bump-up for each correct answer.


The more you've used a weapon to challenge, the less xp you get per correct answer. The mimimum xp per correct answer (regardless of language or usage) is one


if you have a low win to lose percentage or the outher person is a higher level you will get more xp on average. if you have a high win to lose percentage or the outher person has a lower level you will get less than average xp


thank you all of you guys for better clarification