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is python popular now?

why? and what i can code?

7/8/2017 2:03:12 PM


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I find it used in scripts to help automate building of projects in other languages. cocos2dx used it for compiling c++ into Android apps, for example. While this purpose makes it appear as "yet" another scripting language it is very modern in comparison to the others. Even if you don't intend using it, learning it helps to understand the many people who do.


thank you for your answers, but also what can you say about coding on python 3, examples of using, please, if you know?


yes python 3 is very popular


the latest version which is Python3 is very popular


You can code any thing what you can do with other programming language(where use of language is not restricted) . python is has simple syntax; it is mainly used in Data science, artificial intelligence, hacking programs bla bla bla. For starting with Python download python3.x(latest version) if you are on Mac or Linux you don't have to download it . Python is pre installed in Mac and linux. my favorite ide for Python is pycharm you can use pycharm community version which is free.


Yeh I saw it on 2nd in the list of popular programming languages.


help me to install the python ide and dependencies?


Machine learning, Deep learning, Data science, maybe small games. And yeah, it popular


Yes and easier than Java and others :)


what are the things needs to install for python as testing tool


My university has switched to teaching Python3 instead of other languages for nearly all first year computer science courses (web development excluded of course). So I would say it's extremely popular.


Python is a general-purpose language — sometimes referred to as utilitarian — which is designed to be simple to read and write. The point that it’s not a complex language is important. The designers placed less of an emphasis on conventional syntax, which makes it easier to work with, even for non-programmers or developers. Because it’s considered truly universal and used to meet various development needs, it’s a language that offers a lot of options to programmers in general. If they begin working with Python for one job or career, they can easily jump to another, even if it’s in an unrelated industry. The language is used for system operations, web development, server and administrative tools, deployment, scientific modeling and much more. It can be used for just about anything, which is why it’s considered so versatile. You can build Raspberry Pi applications, scripts for desktop programs and configure servers all via Python, but it’s not limited to just those tasks.