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SoloLearn Update 19/6

Finally SL been updated!!!!!!!! 🎊🎉🎈🎉🎏🎉🎊🎏 * We have re-written the Code Playground from scratch! It can load large codes faster, the output section is now re-sizable & much more! * Author notice is added when saving peer codes. * Corresponding comments get highlighted in the lesson/code comments section and are visible in the activity feed. * The Glossary section is back. Access it from the Course Selection list. * Bug fixes & improvements

6/19/2017 5:53:25 PM


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Yes content creation guidelines(I didn't read it fully though) do prove a way out. But still people can edit the code and remove the name once again... Still a great step forward against plagiarism //should i have not mentioned this?


CodePlayground is now the best in all the PlayStore, except for the support to some libraries, i already see the popularity that Sololearn deserves with this update! // Thank you for notify me, otherwise i would not know that Sololearn released an update. :3


I always have something good to say about sololearn : so the latest update won't be an exception: It's convenient how we're now able to keep track on lesson(s) comments : <^>However, CODE comments showing up in the activity feed is not such a great addition :<^> but that's just me.....


When you check the ranking, you'll be redirected to your position clicking on the new arrow in the bottom of the screen. As far as i know, this is a new feature as well.


Play store : SoloLearn! Update : Yes. Updating : Yeah!!! Thnx @Burey... ^_^


IDK if someone mentioned it, but the zoom in the code is now deactivated... :/


The number of new notifications is now shown at the shortcut icon on the Android screen :)


"Author notice is added when saving peer codes." What does it mean? Could somebody explain, please?


a big one as well :) and even my longest codes are now editable on mobile without lagging ^__^


Whoohoo! Thx, Burey! I was very lucky now - opened SL and this is the first post I read ^^ [Edit] Testing now... I'll steal your code ;)


Good solution. Stole your code and had to accept the Content Creation Guidelines. And a comment was added ('created by Burey') ^^ I'll delete it now before I'll get reported :D [Edit] To open the glossary: Course section > change > tap on the three dots menu of a language > glossary. [Edit2] And the outputs are readable now - I must confess I exaggerated it on some codes ^^ But even the huge outputs are fine now.


Finally.. The moment we've been waiting for...!!! A great update..


Finally the Update Yaay!!


And comment links highlighting works. Yay! Anyone found other improvements ? - Settings > Accounts > Connected accounts. Is that new?


yup :/ no more zooming a code...


All bugs fixed for me! The crashes and the lags as well ^^ Edit : Challenges work smoothly now.


oh, just witnessed it @Tashi :)


@Frost That was my second thought as well... It will not prevent stealing, but it is an improvement and shows copying without crediting the author is not wanted ;)


@Leigh go to the courses tab click CHANGE to enter course selection and press the three vertical dots right of a course name and click glossary not really suited for night mode theme....


There is also a form of intellisense in the code playground. You can select a list of declared variables and functions when you type. Very useful.