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Duplicate answer

https://ibb.co/b9ZhDF https://ibb.co/mBdW7a

6/4/2017 10:55:14 AM

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boleh dong... ^^ ngomong2 umur kamu berapa?


aku 10 😅


why don't you report it ??!!😕 or say something to @Code Master ??


~_~ well last 10 minutes (it's a little difficult to say in English ) Aku lagi men challenge @entah siapa trust aku jumpa sama soal yang punya jawaban berlipat ganda jadi aku kalah T^T



i already but i choose option other because i don't know what type of error. i don't try to send message to @Code Master yet, maybe after i pass 10000 in few minutes.


HTML? boleh gak aku challenge kamu html?