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Some Kotlin References! ✔

I want to share with you these PDFs resources, i did not read any of them... so, if you've already read one of these books, let me know what do you think. :) Full Kotlin Reference - Kotlin for Android - The Kotlin Programming Language - Kotlin, The Pragmatic Language for Android - Flexible Types in Kotlin - Kotlin in Action - (Thanks to @Luka for this) All of these PDFs are available here as well:

8/3/2017 11:17:03 AM


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Just droppin' this here for future viewers >:D




Thank you @Maz..




Thanks @Maz


Maz your the best! :-)



Thanks @Maz


Maz are you crazy your suggestions are unbelievable I want to know the purpose of your questions


Epic collection! Here's another list of great Kotlin tutorials .


Hi brother



Maz Why kotlin for android is just 16 pages for me? Can someone learn android in 16 pages or it has another reason?


@Maz The download link for "Kotlin in Action" is not working. I want to read this book and I can't find anywhere for free. plz help me. Thanks