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Programmer AI(artificial intelligence)

21st century,Everyone's eyes on future of AI ,"will robots replace humans?” ,"what will be the future of mankind" , "how cyborgs would look like".These are the questions in almost everyone's mind. We have AI like "Watson","DeepBlue"and a universal self learning "DeepMind". Let me ask you if you have ever developed a simple snake game. If so you would have better idea on how difficult and inefficient it is to program such a simple thing. Shouldn't we make AI that programs creatively without hours of coding?

5/29/2017 7:50:42 AM

Taabeer Murtaza

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This is not a question and we all know that !


Oh sorry !


Ekansh Kashyap , read carefully, question is in last line.


We don't even have ideas about such an AI.....Simply we didn't even start...


My point is to motivate programmers about this idea. Maybe he can be next Bill Gates(Bill Gates is listed in people of 21st century who changed the world)...


Don't need to "Google", Google already has top of the line AIs. Just read about Google's Deepmind. I think what can made AlphaGo, can also make an AI like this.


My point is that if there is an AI like that, we will be able to focus on creative part of our program and just think about how our app will behave. Instead of how many variables should I use in this for loop...........


An AI which can create an AI by itself? Doesn't seem to be good. I think AI's can be useful to help us finding things, organize and make the world a better one. But from my point of view there MUST be a border an AI cant cross: An AI shouldn't create an AI on their own. Your opinions?


But an AI could learn a programming language... as a concept (Big data learning)