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Any good resources to practice C++?

I am a beginner to C++ (and coding in general) and I enjoy SoloLearn, but there aren't enough questions, quizzes, tasks, etc. for practice. I feel like I'm not fully grasping major concepts because of this. Are there any good resources to help bridge this gap? Android apps and websites are both fine as long as the resource has plenty of practice activities for C++ and is free. All suggestions are appreciated.

5/28/2017 3:04:07 AM


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For theoretical knowledge: Books, mainly. /r/learnprogramming has some recommendations: (you'll find them all on libgen if you can't spend money) And for practice, here are some less-boring-than-average exercises: And if you don't mind mathematical exercises, Project Euler is a great resource.


U can use computer applications to know more about c++.


U can practice by making projects.. The following site consists lots of projects u can try


try to find websites which have projects and exercise for u.