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Here's what will happen when chatting feature will be released on Sololearn.

I saw that, hundredsโ€‹ of people requesting for chat feature on Sololearn. But they doesn't know how annoying this feature will be. You will receive below messages everyday from begginer programmers and beggers: 1. Please bro help me with Python. I wanna print "Hello World". 2.Please bro upvote all of my questions and codes 3.Please bro tell me how to make a website. If you are a girl you will recive below messages: 1.Hey 2.How r u? 3.Where are you from? 4.What's your phone number? 5.Send me your pic ;D

5/23/2017 7:41:47 PM

Trump! The Money Lover

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I completely agree with you. I've never attacked them, and even when I think that their questions could be answered if they typed it in google I still answer those questions if they make sense.(you could see it if you follow threads in q&a). But if there is chat feature (which is theme here) there would be many of them SPAMMING your inbox with questions you can't even understand or those that required 15 secs of googling, if there is not some kind of filter. And when I answer these questions, I try to provide them links, so next time myb they will go to that site and try to find solution themselves. Even in this discussion if they are reading this, some of them probably decided to ask less and find solutions without opening new threads. So our sharing of opinions is also a lesson to them. And as you said we should learn them right ways of learning, and it will help them more than giving them cookie on plate to just copy and paste.


5....... ^_^


Maybe you could have an option in your profile to disable chat, so people can't ask you to chat if you don't want to


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Or We Can Send Request And We Can Choose Who can send Messages


I don't see why people view another person asking for help as a burden. I love helping people and I love teaching people. If someone asks for help and you don't want to help them, ignore them. simple as that. Pride and ego are the drivers of people who look down on others simply because they are less fortunate. Please realize what truly matters. This app is bent around education. Every person has a unique way of learning.


You must realize that this app is worldwide. Different cultures have different ways of doing things. Yes they need to help themselves. So.. make them do it by ignoring them. Some people believe that they are helping themselves by seeking help from others. Depending on what the question is... they could be correct or they could be incorrect with that approach. But that's not what matters. What matters is that you do not attack them.. because you will confuse them.. because they will think you are angry at them for trying to learn in their own ways, whether they're the correct ways to learn or not. Lessons and knowledge: they come and go like tides. Allow people to at least learn the correct ways of learning. Instant bashing tends to be a bit more than a distraction for most. We are all unique and value different ways of learning. Do not conform with the majority by trying to have a fish climb a tree. That is my advice.


If this feature comes in future update, one should be able to message those only whom he/she follows & he/she is followed by them too.


@mod 87, I am telling that if 'a' & 'b' both are following each other then only 'b' will be able to chat with 'a'.


I totally agree with you!




some people may be interested in working on a project together . I think it's required.


Old thread is old. -.-


And if you can block people below a certain level


@Biraj oh then its correct there will be no problem๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.... But i think this fearure will not come soon because this feature will make sololearn a social app ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Well, the direct messaging feature's been a thing for a while now. This thread brings back memories. Would anyone like to confirm and/or deny previous predictions?


Don't make facebook out of educational app/website!!!


my advice take a look a @cipher advice , too much wise for one fox :)


@Tashi yeah my hard work xd


@Roman But still it will be very annoying to receive annoying messages and clicking on the block button everyday.