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Don't know why???

I don't know why people declined the challenges bcz of getting less xp and may be the fear to loss the challenges but the challenges are the truth of life. they sd be remember this...


5/19/2017 4:41:17 PM

Shubhangi Singhal

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Time... we cannot assume they have time to do the challenges...


or sometimes they think they can't challenge with someone of a lower level than them


@Shubhangi Singhal you can also declined so many Challenge.i checked you . you declined Nnic challenges so many time because you want to get only Higher xp. And now you post .... i don't know why people declined the challenges. when i saw.. declines your all challenges ... 😬


@anubhav pandey ßro.. @Shubhangi singhal is also one of them..


If we don't have time then challenges are expired.. Not declined. these both are different things..