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Best sites for Tutorials and Documentations

which sites and platforms u like most except sololearn to improve coding in general? my favourites for webdevelopment and Java: (german) and many more! please post your favourites

5/18/2017 7:49:21 PM


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av been learning from alongside sololearn And it's really cool


You are the best , thank you 😻💖


+6 course^_^)


nah none of sites above... For ME best resource is my sdcard... I have all I need to program Android apps... Offline, Android support.jar files, offline maven repository, offline Android and Java documentation. , AIDE ( Android , Java, C,C++ IDE) and Anacode, plus some with weird names.... I don't even know how to some of them(I'M a beginner). Probably for future use.....


thanks for taking part in this Post! please give me some more learning platforms


Coursera, Edx - university instructors, drills, peer grading, time framed YouTube - yesss..... Lynda - some excellent instructors Jacquie Barker books on OO programming - best ever written


thanks for this usefull sites!


thank you for posting this


Nice one 👍 This is really helpful.