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how to convert javascript to apk

5/14/2017 8:55:00 AM

Aakash Thakur

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With PhoneGap, i made some apk's with it. Read this for more information, it's pretty simple:


I didn't ask for it but thanks @Maz :) EDIT: Hey Maz since you made apk's with it, it said there to make web apps, Do I need to make a code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then zip it?


Exactly... @C0MPL3X, you can use software like WinRAR (Try Free) or 7Zip (This should be 100% free) WinRar: 7Zip: Then, login into your Adobe account, send your zip and after few second you will have your apk ready for use. ^^


Awesome! I was wondering if I can use Android to send my file I have an app called ZArchiever to help me zip it


Maz can I make a javascript apk through mobile?